a fresh angle on the storybook approach

Heather Bandur is more than an event planner and designer with the experience, poise and enthusiasm to organize and execute a flawless event. She is a storyteller with an inquisitive mind and eye for detail who is highly trained at her craft. A former reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer and Bloomberg News, Heather takes her strong interviewing, research and presentation skills and applies them to designing flawless, memorable events.

The product of a long line of restaurant owners and hostesses who taught her the importance of setting a lovely table for her guests, Heather finds inspiration in the marble hallways of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the tree-lined pathways of Central Park and the sandy beaches of Nantucket.

She began her event-planning career at HELEN MILLS, a premier Manhattan event space, where she applied her artistic flair, financial savvy and project management skills to produce hundreds of events for some of the biggest names in media, film, fashion, education, beauty, consumer products and technology.

Yet it has always been the weddings and other special occasions that Heather likes best, for all their promise and potential, and the important milestones they represent. She knows that the best celebrations tell a story—a story you share with your guests. Otherwise, it’s just any other cookie-cutter wedding, party, or celebratory event. Working with Heather will ensure that yours stands out.